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Protocollo del sorteggio

Il RandomPicker è un sistema indipendente che ti aiuta a fare i sorteggi in modo casuale. Può essere usato per la scelta dei vincitori dei sorteggi o delle lotterie ecc. Questo sito fa nessun concorrenza, è solo un software per la generazione di vincitori in modo casuale.
Come funziona: RandomPicker è un sistema che genera i numeri casuali per ogni entrata. Poi tutte le entrate sono ordinate per questo numero casuale così il resultato è un ordine a caso. Se ci sono altri premi, RandomPicker sceglie un premio per ogni vincitore.
Il protocollo di RandomPicker offre un metodo semplice ai partecipanti per trovare le informazioni sul sorteggio.

Nome del progetto: Win a Tekkers Hoody

The requested project expired, the record is not available.

Weights are applied - entries have varying chances to win. Weights are commonly used when the organizer is selling products, i.e.the more products you buy the higher chance to win you have.

Proprietario del progetto:
Data del sorteggio: 19/12/2011 00.09.40
Condizioni per i partecipanti:
COMPULSORY ACTIONS Comment on any other post (whether its a review, article or even a competition from our fablous competitions tap) Then visit the Tekkers site and tell me what Celebrity wears it best (please visit the site as its part of the rules)! Please do this in just one comment also telling me what post you commented on. PLEASE DO THE TWO ABOVE ACTIONS IN ONE COMMENT! LEAVE A CONTACT (EMAIL OR TWITTER) ADDITIONAL ENTRIES For 1 extra entry tweet: I want to win a tekkers hoody with @clairelouise82 & @OfficialTekkers Adding the URL to this post. Comment to let me know you have done it. For one extra entry stumble this competition, then let me know in a comment that you did it! Use the facebook or Digg share button leave a comment to let me know which one’s you did. Follow Tekkers on Twitter (Comment to let me know you have done it)! Subscribe to the blog via email then comment to let me know you have done it. For your last extra entry: Enter another of the Big Christmas Countdown competitions. Comment to let me know which one you commented on. Competition closes on the 16th December T&C A contact such a twitter or email should be left with each comment made. An additional comment has to be taken for every action taken (apart form the compulsory action which needs only the one comment). Competition will close on the 16th December and will be drawn at random. You have just 24hrs to respond so the company can try and delivery the prize in time for Christmas. UK ONLY.

Numero totale delle entrate: 0
Chance of winning: Several entries had a higher chance of winning. Check organizer's rules, some raffles may allow higher chance of winning depending on purchase quantity - the more tickets, the higher chance.

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