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Protocollo del sorteggio

Il RandomPicker è un sistema indipendente che ti aiuta a fare i sorteggi in modo casuale. Può essere usato per la scelta dei vincitori dei sorteggi o delle lotterie ecc. Questo sito fa nessun concorrenza, è solo un software per la generazione di vincitori in modo casuale.
Come funziona: RandomPicker è un sistema che genera i numeri casuali per ogni entrata. Poi tutte le entrate sono ordinate per questo numero casuale così il resultato è un ordine a caso. Se ci sono altri premi, RandomPicker sceglie un premio per ogni vincitore.
Il protocollo di RandomPicker offre un metodo semplice ai partecipanti per trovare le informazioni sul sorteggio.

Nome del progetto: $11 Subscription - DS Nike Air Jordan 4 Sean OFF White Volt Levis Denim

The requested project expired, the record is not available.

Weights are applied - entries have varying chances to win. Weights are commonly used when the organizer is selling products, i.e.the more products you buy the higher chance to win you have.

Proprietario del progetto: Netmagnetism; Toronto; Toronto; Canada
Data del sorteggio: 23/10/2019 08.09.01 (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Condizioni per i partecipanti:

Subscription Registration Final Date: October 23rd, 2019 [ending 1 day early - Oct 22]


Subscription Period: October 23, 2019 - November 23, 2019




How Does it Work?


i) Buying a $11 subscription gives our members multiple benefits:






Exclusive access to our discounted sneakers sale page where sneakers are listed and sold for below retail and market price on a periodic basis

The option to rebate your $11 subscription fee towards a $11 discount on our non-exclusive sale items on our website (*some conditions may apply*)

All members that subscribed to the respective subscription period will get a chance to receive free shoes (listed below in bullet iii) as determined by RandomPicker.com - and yes, we cover your shipping cost as well (shipping cost is free for members residing in Canada and USA - international members will be subject to a small surcharge)



ii) Can I Buy More than 1 Subscription?






Our subscriptions starts at $11 for basic membership and customers have the option to elect for a higher tiered premium membership.

Higher Tiered memberships allows you purchase more than 1 item in our member's exclusive sale page.  All members are limited to 1 item per $11 multiple.  (for example: if member purchases our $11 basic membership, they will only be limited to 1 item in our sale. If members purchases 3x $11 subscription - they will be allowed to purchase up to 3 items on our exclusive sales)



iii) What About the Free Sneakers?






We all love free sneakers and being part of our valued exclusive members, we will be giving away the below sneakers listed as our sign of appreciation for your support for us. We understand sneakers could be expensive and we want to be able to give back to those that support us.

All the members that subscribed to this specific subscription period will be randomly selected via RandomPicker.com. Your weight in the draw is determined by your purchased tier (ie. Basic membership of $11 is 1 weight and $33 is 3 weight) 

Every Tier 3 subscription purchased gets you 1 free tier upgrade



Sneakers In our Free Giveaway:




1st - Winning member can choose either option below:




i ) DS Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis Denim (size 8,9.5,10.5,11,12 US)


ii) DS Nike Air Jordan 1 SB LA to Chicago (size 8-13 US)


iii) DS Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean (size 8-10.5 US)


iv) DS Nike Air Force 1 VOLT OFF White (size 8.5-11 US)




2nd/3rd - DS Random box

1 prize 1xDS Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis Denim (size 8,9.5,10.5,11,12 US) or DS Nike Air Jordan 1 SB LA to Chicago (size 8-13 US) or DS Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean (size 8-10.5 US) or DS Nike Air Force 1 VOLT OFF White (size 8.5-11 US)
2 prize 1xAfter 1st Place Choice
3 prize 1xAfter 1st and 2nd Place Choices
4 prize 1xRemaining pair from pool
5 prize 40xDS Random box
6 prize 25xNetmagnetism KickBricks Series 1/2/3

Numero totale delle entrate: 389
Chance of winning: Several entries had a higher chance of winning. Check organizer's rules, some raffles may allow higher chance of winning depending on purchase quantity - the more tickets, the higher chance.

Elenco dei vincitori

RandomPicker ha estratto queste persone.:
ID del vincitorePremioImageWeight
Isai Orozco DS Nike Air Jordan 4 Levis Denim (size 8,9.5,10.5,11,12 US) or DS Nike Air Jordan 1 SB LA to Chicago (size 8-13 US) or DS Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean (size 8-10.5 US) or DS Nike Air Force 1 VOLT OFF White (size 8.5-11 US) 4
Johnson Chen After 1st Place Choice 4
Zach Novicoff After 1st and 2nd Place Choices 12
Jonnathan Rojas Remaining pair from pool 1
Jose Rivera DS Random box 4
Jarold Castro DS Random box 8
Joseph Chen DS Random box 4
Kalvin Sothy DS Random box 16
Samuel Tay DS Random box 4
Robbyn Abedi DS Random box 8
Felix Saavedra DS Random box 12
Guillermo Duran DS Random box 1
TZYY HAU LEONG DS Random box 1
marek chabelski DS Random box 1
Kai Benhaim DS Random box 1
Keith Tacorda DS Random box 1
Jason Moona DS Random box 12
Matt Jacobsen DS Random box 1
Michael Espino DS Random box 4
James Lee DS Random box 1
Matthew Gardner DS Random box 1
Leonidas Fronimos DS Random box 12
Chiwun Choi DS Random box 8
Cesar Catibayan DS Random box 8
Gregory Piro DS Random box 8
Nile Chen DS Random box 4
Canxing Huang DS Random box 8
Alex Strong DS Random box 4
Cory Parnes DS Random box 4
Leonardo Dilullo DS Random box 4
Michael Velasquez DS Random box 12
James J DS Random box 4
William Ulmer-Gensaw DS Random box 4
Robert Trujillo DS Random box 4
Alrence Cubilla DS Random box 4
Marcos Ballinas DS Random box 1
Shane Silva DS Random box 4
Justin Short DS Random box 1
Wei Meng Soh DS Random box 4
Jonathan Dahilig DS Random box 1
Andrew Romero DS Random box 1
Angelo Miller DS Random box 1
Mathew Matilla DS Random box 4
Cody Chin Netmagnetism KickBricks Series 1/2/3 4
Keaton Collins Netmagnetism KickBricks Series 1/2/3 4
Danny Ardona Netmagnetism KickBricks Series 1/2/3 1
Kyle Cheng Netmagnetism KickBricks Series 1/2/3 8
Justin Cheung Netmagnetism KickBricks Series 1/2/3 4
Paul Tribbey Netmagnetism KickBricks Series 1/2/3 8