Random Sport Drawings

RandomPicker.com provides a trusted platform for random sport drawings.

Create random teams
You can randomly assign team members. If you have 15 people and 3 teams (Red, Blue, Green), just define:
- 5x Red
- 5x Blue
- 5x Green

RandomPicker will randomly assign 5 people to each group. You can even define groups of different sizes.

Single elimination tournament, knockout competition (no seeding)
Bottom tournament players are randomly divided into brackets of several players by RandomPicker. For example, if you need to create brackets of two players for 10 players:
- 2x Bracket 1
- 2x Bracket 2
- 2x Bracket 3
- 2x Bracket 4
- 2x Bracket 5

RandomPicker will randomly generate 5 brackets for the initial tournament round. RandomPicker generates a public record so anybody can see there is no bias.

Swiss-system tournament
This kind of tournament system is used in chess,scrabble, squash, bridge, petanque and other games. RandomPicker.com randomly pairs players for the first round of the tournament. Here is an example for 16 players:
- 2x Group 1
- 2x Group 2
- 2x Group 3
- 2x Group 4
- 2x Group 5
- 2x Group 6
- 2x Group 7
- 2x Group 8

RandomPicker.com creates random pairs of players for the first round. A public record is generated so everybody can check the fair and unbiased drawing.

Round-robin tournament
RandomPicker can help randomly assign the tournament order.

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