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What is RandomPicker is an independent system that helps organizers conduct drawings from a random basis. It is used to pick winners of giveaways, sweepstakes, raffles or other competitions. It also includes a module for sport drawings.

Project: 8-13 US - DS Nike Air Jordan Travis Dunk Union Sean RANDOM BOX

The requested project expired, the record is not available.

Weights are applied - entries have varying chances to win. Weights are commonly used when the organizer is selling products, i.e.the more products you buy the higher chance to win you have.

Organizer: Netmagnetism; Toronto; Toronto; Canada
Draw date: 3/10/2020 6:59:56 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Terms and conditions:

Random Box Explained - What are you getting Exactly?


1. There are a total of 50 SPOTS in this Random box pool. Buyer can select either from the below options in their size:


i) DS Jordan Random Box @$285/ pair

ii) DS Nike Random Box @$295/ pair


2. Once all 50 SLOTS are sold out, the list of buyers will be entered through to determine whom will be receiving the top prize


How Do I get the Grail Shoes shown in the Pictures?


3. The draw is to determine who will get the top prize. Resulting placements will receive their purchased size and item.


i) 1st place - choice of any of the below:

DS Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott (size 10,10.5,11.5,13 US) OR 

DS Nike Dunk Travis Scotts (size 9.5-13 US) OR 

DS Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean (size 8-10 US) OR

DS Nike Air Jordan 1 Unions Storm blue (size 4,4.5,5.5,9,5,10,10.5 US) OR

DS Nike Air Jordan 1 Unions Black Toe (size 6,10,10.5 US)


ii)2nd - 50th Place - Selected random box


**Disclaimer** - All Random box shoes are sold at close to Market/Retail Prices with a slight premium cost to cover the market price of the main prize grail. The top grail usually cost close to $1000 and up and the slight premium cost from each random box is used to cover the cost of resell prices. If you are going to compare "stockX" specific sizes price or plan to resell the random box for profit, this is not for you as different sizes may vary in price slightly and it's near impossible to mark a fixed cost for different sizes. This is meant for you to buy a pair of shoes that you will wear for market or flip for the same price you paidand having an opportunity to get grails for a fraction.

1 prize 1xDS Grail - Nike Air Jordan 1 Union, Travis 1, Sean W, Travis SB
2 prize 49xDS Random box in Purchased Tier