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What is RandomPicker is an independent system that helps organizers conduct drawings from a random basis. It is used to pick winners of sweepstakes, raffles or other competitions. It also includes a module for sport drawings.
How it works: generates a unique random number for each entry and assigns prize(s) during the random sorting.

How to check the draw has been conducted correctly, and without bias?
  • Check the number of entries involved in the drawing and winner(s).
  • Check the anonymized list of entries, look for suspicious duplicates or extreme weights of specific entries. Duplicities can happen if they are allowed by the competition rules.
  • Check previous projects done by the same organizer. Several recent deleted draws with the same name can be also suspicious. Note that test draws are quite common as organizers want to learn how RandomPicker works.
  • Check whether you were involved in the draw using the full-text search. Sometimes organizers import emails, IDs, or other identifiers instead of names. Look at the table of winners to learn what kind of identification is used. The organizer should provide you with your identifier so you can check your participation.

Project name: StInns Julekalender 2018 - Luke 9 - Copy of 572970x56511

The requested project expired, the record is not available.
Free edition - for non-profit purposes only
Organizer: StInn - Studentorganisasjonen i Innlandet; Postboks 400; Elverum; Norge
Draw date: 11/12/2018 12:58:35 م (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Terms and conditions:

Spørsmålene blir lagt ut hvert dag 12:00, og du kan delta i konkurransen ved å kommentere på posten på den offisielle Facebook-siden vår frem til neste luke åpnes 12:00 neste dag. Du kan kun avgi et svar per luke. Dersom du avgir flere svar, så anser vi kun det siste svaret som det avgitte svaret.

Vinneren blir trukket etter at konkurransen er stengt. Det forsøkes å gjøre det samme dag, men vi kan ikke love at dette alltid skjer. Trekningen blir utført igjennom, og en kvittering på trekningen legges ved hver annonsering av vinnere. Oversikt over vinnerne blir gitt nederst i denne artikkelen, og i posten med det originale spørsmålet. Vinneren blir forsøkt kontaktet. Dersom de ikke gir lyd ifra seg i løpet av 72 timer, så trekkes en ny vinner. Premiene blir delt ut i januar, igjennom de lokale studentrådsstyrene.

De som står for utformingen av spørsmålene og uttrekning av vinnerne kan ikke delta i trekningen. 


The questions are published every day at 12:00, and you can compete by commenting on the post on our official Facebook page until the next question is posted at 12:00 the following day. You can only give one answer for each question. If you post multiple answers, we will only consider the last answer you posted as your given answer.

The winner is drawn after the contest is closed. We will try to do this the same day as it closes, but can not promise that we will always manage that. The drawing is done trough, and a receipt of the drawing is attached to each announcement of a winner. An overview of winners is given in the bottom of this article, and in the posts with the original question. We will attempt to contact all winners. If they do not give a response for 72 hours, a new winner will be drawn. The prizes will be given in January, trough the local student councils.

Those who have made the questions and are drawing the winners are not eligible to win the contests. 

1 prize 1xGavekort i kantina

Total number of entries: 79
Chance of winning: All entries had an equal change of winning

Winner list

RandomPicker drew the following people:
Winner IDPrizeImageWeight
Randi Floa Gavekort i kantina