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Project: TNT - Sept 2013 Sparkle Skirts Giveaway

The requested project expired, the record is not available.

Weights are applied - entries have varying chances to win. Weights are commonly used when the organizer is selling products, i.e.the more products you buy the higher chance to win you have.

Organizer: Robel; 345 Boren Avenue North; Seattle; USA
Draw date: 14.09.2013 10:37:04 (GMT-11:00) Coordinated Universal Time-11
Terms and conditions:
As part of my continuous fundraising for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I am giving away 4 (four) of ANY Sparkle Skirts products to three winners via raffle. The winners can tell me which one they want, what size and I’ll purchase them and have the product mail directly to you (to the address listed on donation information). Sparkle Skirts made SUPER awesome running skirts. For the record, I am not employed by them or being paid/compensated by any means to write about their product. I’m their die-hard customer, love their products and used it myself for many of my races. Their running skirt is very functional, not only cute and flattering, but have two large pockets on the side, one zipper pocket in the front (or back) and do not chafe or ride up (used the skirts during two marathons so far). To purchase the raffle entry — please visit my fundraising site at http://pledge.yannirobel.com. Raffle entry is $5 for one entry, or $20 for 5 entries. To identify the raffle entries — please put SPARKLE ON! at the message so I know this is a raffle purchase. ALL proceeds will go directly to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (I will not accept cash/check for raffle entries — please purchase directly via the fundraising site). I will send you an email shortly after to confirm your entries. Please note that I will not publish or share your information with ANY party (other than Leukemia & Lymphoma Society since you are donating directly to them and they need your information).

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