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Nom du projet: Win One Year of Evernote Premium

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Date du tirage: 13/12/2012 15:11:50
Termes et conditions:
I have been using Evernote since the early days of my PhD (see how I get Kindle notes into Evernote for my teaching), so I was thrilled when they invited me to be their Higher Education Ambassador. Starting today I will get to do lots of cool stuff with them–a bit of traveling, a bit of writing, a bit of speaking. Awesome! So, to mark the occasion, I have some great Evernote stuff to give away. Here’s how you can get it: To enter, respond to the following question in the comments at the bottom of this post: ‘How do you organize your teaching, research, and writing? Paper, digital, post-its? File folders, shoe boxes, digital tablets?’ Everyone has their own system–what is yours? This isn’t just for academics, but for anyone who writes, thinks, doodles, ponders, pilfers, or philosophizes. And there are some great prizes to be won… First Prize: One Year of Evernote Premium (value $45) Second Prize: 3 Months of Evernote Premium (value $15) Third Prize: Evernote Sticker Pack (value $5) + Evernote Sticky Screen Wipes (value $5) Entries close at 11:59pm GMT on 12 December 2012 and winners will be chosen randomly from all entries on 13 December 2012. Make sure that you include your e-mail address when you comment so I can contact you.

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